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Name: Daniel Tubío
City: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina

Daniel Tubío was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1958. Between 1978-1981 attended Manuel Belgrano National Fine Arts School, and at the end of his studies traveled to Europe and stayed for two years. In Barcelona, he discovered artistic possibilities in photography, so, once back in Argentina in 1984, he attended different photography courses. Since 1985 he share his activities between teaching and artistic creation. In relation to his personal work in Photography, since 1999 he has been investigating in pinhole photography, designing and building his own cameras and trying to put the accent around the relationship between camera and image. He's work also concerned about the social and historic production conditions for artistic photographers in his country.
Major solo recent exhibitions
2008 "Fetiches" Fotogalería Escuela Nacional de Fotografía, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2007 Noviembre "Topografía" Facultad de Arquitectura UBA, Ciudad Universitaria, Buenos Aires.
Junio/Julio "Buenos Aires, Ciudad Fantasma", Museo Renault, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2006 "Visiones Encontradas", Centro Cultural La Paloma, La Paloma, República Oriental del Uruguay.
2004 Agosto "Buenos Aires: Topografía y Metáforas" Museo Histórico Saavedra, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
Febrero "La nouvelle photo argentine: EXPERIMENTA Photos by Esteban Pastorino y Daniel Tubío" Galeria Cêdille, Paris, Francia
200¬2 Junio "Visiones Encontradas", Mediateca de la Alianza Francesa, Buenos Aires.
Enero/Marzo "Buenos Aires Ciudad Fantasma", Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Ateneo Yucatán (MACAY), Ciudad de Mérida, México.
2001 "Aproximación a Soriano: Retrato de un Pueblo", Museo Histórico Regional de Villa Soriano, Soriano, República Oriental del Uruguay.
1999 Centro Cultural San Martín, sala V: "Aproximación a Soriano: Retrato de un Pueblo". 1998 Noviembre: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Centro de Gestión y Participación n° 13 ("Belgrano a Puertas Abiertas IV"): "Signos Urbanos: Andando por Belgrano en los '90".
Marzo: Open Plaza Gallery, Buenos Aires: "Fragmentos de un Viaje".
About my photographic work
When I started making photographs with self-made pinhole cameras, nine years ago, I discovered a new and infinite world to walk trough. With pinhole photography you can make everything you can image, you can go out of the way the commercial photography rules. You can change angles of view, you can have different points of view in the same image, you can dream... and then you can see your dreams came true on a photo. I have realized that you have to know a lot about photography if you want to obtain the results you are looking for with such precarious cameras. And this sort of paradox became one of the philosophical statements for my photography and, I hope, for my life also: the more you know, the less you need.

On the other hand, pinhole cameras are a nice and funny way for less-depending of the photographic industries, which are running forward digital system almost exclusively. This is another statement that I try to keep in photograph, and life also - why not - : If you can do it, you don't need to buy it. And in a country like Argentina, which has not photographic industry at all (not for cameras neither for supplies) and doing photographs is quite expensive because of our context, a peripheral and not developed economy, is a practical way of making images - at least thinking about the camera - with recycled materials.

Daniel Tubío

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