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  1. Pinhole philosophy
    During the 1980s in France, the accepted style of photography was "street photography" in accordance with the myth of "the decisive moment". Rather than document the real world, I preferred to create another world, using large and medium format photographs. To accomplish this, I wanted maximal depth of field and long exposures.
    Then, seven years ago, I discovered pinhole photography. I had some disappointing experiences with pinhole photography in the late 1980s, but I will always remember the day I saw my first pinhole image. Sure, it was not as sharp as a lens photograph, but it had the depth of field I had been searching for. Time was captured, not frozen. The camera showed movement, the movements seemed to break down.
    For the first time in my photographic career, I realized that I could present the world as I saw it. In building my own cameras, I can also distort life and rearrange views inside the camera.
    With my pinhole camera, I am totally free to bring to life the world inside my mind.
  2. Pinhole camera gear
    I use only handmade cardboard or wooden Pinhole cameras with medium format film and sheet-films and transformed Tins with paper or very large format sheet-films.
  3. Biography
    Photographer and Teacher in History of photography
    About 12 personal exhibitions and 15 collectives exhibitions in France
    Since 2007, Organize and Curate the International Pinhole photography exhibitions in France
    Numerous publications in catalogues
    Author of numerous articles and prefaces about photography, history of photography and pinhole photography
    Pictures were bought by Dutch, Danish and French collectors and several Cultural Centers.
  4. Personal information
    Marie-Noelle Leroy
    1, rue Jules Jouy
    75018 Paris (France)


    Sites and Blogs:
    Gallery 1
    Gallery 2
    Gallery 3
    Work almost exclusively with Pinhole since seven years

Marie-Noëlle Leroy

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