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I often take trips to many places, while traveling I like to also take trips to my own imaginary world. In this world I take photos of people, things, landscapes, and a tourist (myself) that I meet during the trip. I capture these photos with a pinhole camera and film as though I am painting pictures. The world in which I travel may be another world which is similar to our world in the future or past after the human race has nearly disappeared. The population there is grotesque, ugly, and the landscapes have many ruins and signs of perishing. Do I really exist in my original world? Or in this world of imagination? Did I change from my original self? The journey is underway. I continue taking trips to this world. What is waiting beyond the trip? Nobody knows, not even a tourist (myself). With that being said, I want to let others know about using, and spending time with our imaginations. Through imagination, I want to make others concerned about our earth, society, environment, and life. I want to make others reconsider about them by extending imagination from watching, hearing, feeling in each of his or her real lives.

by Halto Mori, Japan

  • 1984 Graduated from Visual Graphic Design Course, Musashino Art University.
  • Started as a free-lance illustrator shortly after graduation.
  • 2004 Started working on pinhole photography.
  • 2007 Exhibition at Gallery Joe, Tokyo.
  • 2008 Won a prize for Memorial photo exhibition at the Annual Day of Photography, Tokyo
  • 2009 Won a prize for The 34th Exhibition of the Japan Professional Photographers Society.
  • A member of Pinhole Photographic Art Society

    Halto Mori

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