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Des Brough

I am a self taught, amateur photographer; live in Wellington with my wife Tesa, in a home that is seldom without grand children. A friend has described me as an environmental photographer. I do not really care much for labels, photographs speak for themselves. As a child, I remember being intrigued by an old folding Kodak Autographic camera. No one ever used it. For me, old cameras remain a strong interest, and I enjoy using them.

After having had a lifelong passion for photography, the simple and exciting prospect to use more guesswork, aroused my interest in pinhole photography. It was time for me to give it a go. To recapture my feelings of those box Brownie days.

The fun of making my own 35 mm film container, matchbox, coffee can, cardboard cameras soon followed. Counting down the seconds appealed. "Time passe-love abides." Many ambitions remain, including making a handmade book of pinhole salt prints, and to keep making and using pinhole cameras. For me, the best of pinholes remain a mystery, which can not be explained in words.

by Des Brough
New Zealand


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