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Rachel Brown (formerly Rachel Giese)

Live and work in Toulouse, France and Wellfleet, MA, USA

Having worked in monochrome lens-and-film photography for about thirty years, I jumped into pinhole expressly for one project in France in 2006. The commission was to document an abandoned mental asylum, the women's wing, dating from the 18th century that was about to be converted into condominiums and holiday accommodations. The haunted atmosphere of the abandoned building suggested pinhole to me although I had never made one single pinhole photograph. It was a case of ignorance is bliss, but I plunged in with a lot of e-mail help and encouragement from a good friend and pinhole photographer extraordinaire, Marian Roth of Provincetown, MA, USA. Examples of this project are shown here. More can be seen on my web site,

At the conclusion of that project, I launched another pinhole project in a small village in Catalunya in the Spanish Pyrenees. I am working on that one now and hope to be able to present some of it here soon.

Please check my web site for other projects.

All works © 2006 Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown
France, USA

Web: Rachel Brown

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