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Roger Bradley

My photographic archive reveals about 55 years of negatives plus a growing accumulation of digital files.
An analysis of subject matter would reveal many familiar themes: The Family, Partners Past & Present, Travel, Education, Portraits, Nudes, Experiments.
Probably all of my pictures would fit into 10 subject areas.
I am attracted to a range of cameras and their formats, including pinhole cameras of various constructions.
I could be accused of being a dilettante, but feel unrepentant.
I co founded Picture House Centre for Photography in Leicester which closed due to lack of funding two years ago after a long and happy life. I currently teach at De Montfort University in Leicester England whilst working on various personal projects.

Daniele Bradley

I came to photography much later in life than I had hoped to, but worked my way up through various qualifications culminating in a "Masters" in photography at the age of 53.

Alternative processes, darkroom work, sun prints and pinhole photography have given me the most pleasure so far. Working with a large black dustbin has produced many interesting pinhole paper and lith negatives.

For this exhibition I am submitting photographs produced by converting a Paterson Developing Tank into a pinhole camera. At F64, and rotating the central column during exposure times gives an infinite range of possibilities.

Joint Statement

During 2009 we are working together to produce pictures, a joint website and an exhibition.

Roger & Daniele Bradley
United Kingdom

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