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I was born and raised in southern California, having lived on both the west coast of the state and a number of years in Arizona. The Pacific ocean and wide open outdoors have always fueled my imagination and expanded my heart.

Throughout the many years I've spent at home raising a family and taking care of a household, art has become an increasingly important creative and spiritual outlet. Years of photographing my children led to photographing my home and surroundings, which led over time to seeing things uniquely...the small things that are easily overlooked, the broader scope that is often too large to take in all at once, the significance of the insignificant and vice versa. Nature, food and self portraiture all figure very prominently in my images&through these I find my connection to the the earth.

I learned to process my own film, use a darkroom... and later developed skill in using toy cameras, pinhole technique and alternative processing. A debt of gratitude is owed to the wonderful instructors I've had to guide me and to those artists and photographers, both living and deceased, from whom I continue to gain knowledge and inspiration.

If I had to label myself, it would be as a photographic artist, rather than a photographer. The quality of my images often veers from straightforward photography, since I've developed a love for the irregular, one of kind nature that the equipment and techniques I use afford me.

I currently live in the San Francisco bay area with my husband, two offspring and dog, Caspar. In addition to making art, gardening, cooking, aikido, nature, humor and spiritual practice figure prominently in my day to day life.

Therese Brown

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