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I am a landscape and nature photographer who together with my wife, ceramic artist Catherine Brennon, live in the southern Drakensberg village of Underberg in South Africa. The area was declared a World Heritage site in 2000 and is renowned for it's scenic beauty as well as the breathtaking Sani pass.

As working artists we have established The Underberg Studio where we promote our own work in addition to that of several other potters and photographers.

My personal work has always been black and white, which I regard as being "timeless".

More recently pinhole photography has been my sole pursuit. Using a variety of hand built pinhole cameras, I have exploited the slow and contemplative disciplines of image making. Currently I am working on several thematic projects, one of which is entitled "Disintegration".

"Using the pinhole approach, I am exploring and documenting the destructive effects of time on manmade structures".

The following images are from my recent exhibition "Disintegration".

by Lawrance Brennon
KZN, South Africa

For a taste of the Underberg studio visit:web
For information on my pinhole work please contact me:

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