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My name is Boris Stromar and I live in Zagreb, Croatia. I love experimenting in photography, using various medium format cameras. I "discovered" pinhole photography by accidentaly stumbling on some website and thought about trying it myself. I fell in love immediately.

Although I don't do much pinhole photography, it is for me an escape route beyond the reality of life. When I'm waiting for a couple of minutes through the exposure, it feels as if I'm part of another world, unseen by other people around me. I can almost feel the magic of light slowly imprinting itself into the negative. Pinhole photography reminds me to take life easy and distance myself from the hectic, urban lifestyle.

For my pinhole photos, I mostly use an existing medium format camera body with a drilled body cap or something similar. My best and most favourite pinhole camera is a Mamiya Super 23 body with 6x9 format back with bellows - which enables me to change the focal length as if I had a zoom lens - and also to have different focal legths on the same frame! I also try to support and use black and white films from our croatian manufacturer, Efke. For me, they provide the best pinhole photos, with the dreamy look and tones of old style photographs.

Thank you for taking an interest in my images and for reading this text to the end :)

by Boris Stromar

Boris Stromar

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