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Danilo Pedruzzi

via B. Belotti 6
24040 Bonate Sotto

Web site: Danilo Pedruzzi
Web Gallery: Danilo Pedruzzi 2

Danilo Pedruzzi was born in Bonate Sotto, province of Bergamo (Italy) in 1956.
The passion for photography has led him to the first experiences as an amateur and after some years he has decided to go in for professional photography, opening his studio in 1991.
Finding in B/W photography the best way to express his passion, in 1992 he took part in a pose and printing advanced course run by the photographer Roberto Sellitto.
Through the years he has experiemented some branches of the printing and shot techniques as an alternative to the silver prints and to the classical photographic camera.
These searches has led him to show his off camera works in the collective exhibition "Modi Di Vedere" (1997) and in the personal exhibition "Piro Piro" (2001).
At the end of the 90's, in parallel to these works and to the commercial activity of his studio, he started a close and accurate approach to the pinhole photography world, after reading an article appeared on Maurizio Rebuzzini's review "PhotoGrafia". Since then he has been practising pinhole photography using a large variety of photographic means: from bodycaps to handmade cameras. In order to spread the magic of pinhole photography, in 2001 and 2003 he organized two personal exhibitions in Bonate Sotto, both titled "Visioni Stenopeiche". In the following years, precisely in 2005 and 2006, he also organized and participated in the international collective exhibition "Seven Eyes".
He also took part in other important events such as "Stenopeica", in 2003, the collective exhibition "Made In Italy - Contemporary Pinhole Photography" (2007) in Venice and Tolmezzo, where he also exposed his works in "Pinhole Photography, Between Didactis And Creativity", organized by the Cultural Society & Photoclub Carnico - C.C.F.C.
In 2008 he participated in two pinhole exhibitions, one in Tolmezzo and the other one in Senigallia, and he also had the great chance to show his works in: "Fotografie Stenopeiche", in Volano (TN) and in L'Occhio Stenopeico in Bergamo.

Danilo Pedruzzi

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