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Name: Tarja Trygg
City: Helsinki
Country: Finland
alternative photography by Tarja Trygg

Through a small pinhole camera the huge universe is opening in front of my eyes. Who would believe that with a small lensless pinhole canister could catch the sun's path and make it visible without using any chemicals and how it is possible that from a b&w photo paper negative the positive image can be seen in colors? That sounds incredible but it is the true.

Since 2002 I started to do solargraphics. Thanks to PROFILE 02, the international photography workshop, was held in Skoki, and the pioneers of solargraphy as Pawel Kula, Slavo Decyk and Diego Calvin Lopez, I became a solargrapher. As I continued to research this method my interest has grown bigger and bigger like a snowball rolling forward. I wanted to have solargraphs even to half a year exposure time. My interest is in seeing how different are the sun trailing across the sky at various latitudes. I am mapping out the sun all over the world and hundreds of volunteers help me in this Global Pinhole Art project of Solargraphy

Tarja Trygg
Photography teacher
University of Art & Design Helsinki
in the School of Art Education

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