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Self-Portrait Thomas Töpler

The first time I noticed pinhole photography as a potentially interesting thing was during a talk to a friend, sitting in the garden around a fireplace past midnight after the height of my 30th birthday party. A short while later I started to conceive of a pinhole camera with a special perspective. I also stuck together some pinhole camera construction set first and tinkered a nice little stereo camera with a quite frisky squint feature later. But that one with the special perspective attracted me most.

I liked its curved perception very much, but the use of the camera was not very functional. Due to the paper format of 20x24" I could make just one picture and had to return to my darkroom then to change the paper. So I did a few pictures, but that was it.

The camera I started to work with in 2002 is a better thought-out, more usable version of that prototype. I use 4x5" sheet film and enjoy the freedom to make as many pictures as I feel like. I'm particularly glad to have a camera I'm happy with (I don´t desire any other), because my purpose is not building cameras, but making pictures. Nonetheless I'm glad I built that one, because it feels good to work with a camera I came up with myself.

Though having been making pinhole pictures for quite some time now I still feel that I'm still on my way encircling the kind of motives I really feel at home. But I also feel that there´s something attracting me, there are lots of pictures wanting to be found by me. That's a beautiful outlook.

In this forum I saw a lot of real good pictures, each one significant in its own way. I'm happy to have the chance to contribute my "fruit", too.

by Thomas Töpler

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